4th PHP Unconference Europe, Palma de Majorca, May 9+10, 2015

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Do you have ideas for saturday eve?

Hey! Good news from the team of organizers. We found a lot of sponsors (still looking for new sponsors), and more than 60 participants already registered for the PHP Unconference Majorca. 

It's time to make plans for friday and saturday eve (2015, 8th + 9th of May).

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Support the ElePHPant on his way to Majorca!

The ElePHPant is dreaming from Majorca. And he couldn't wait for May, so he started right now his travel to the #PHPucEU.

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Join the Un-Training with Sebastian Bergmann & Arne Blankerts!

For years, the concepts and ideas of open spaces and unconference have become ever more popular in the PHP community. About time to adapt them for tutorials! Join Arne Blankerts and Sebastian Bergmann (thePHP.cc) for this participant-driven workshop.

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Sponsoring PHPucEU 2015!

The team of organizers is planning the fourth PHP Unconference Europe. This event will take place again on the island of Majorca -  on May 9th + 10th 2015. Tickets are on sale for 150 participants.


Would you like to sponsor this event? You find the sponsor information attached to this blog posting.


Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

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The PHP Unconference Europe is organized by BOOT - Best of Open Technologies e.V. Want to sponsor the PHP Unconference Europe? Contact us!