5th PHP Unconference Europe, Palma de Majorca

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PHPucEU 2015 - Review

Dear attendees,


time passed by since the PHPucEU 2015 took place. We hope you all enjoyed the event and the island of Marjoca. We would like to use this email to mention a few things.


The first thing we want to say is: thank you for joining us - you made this unconference with a lot of inspiring and interesting sessions happen.

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Team of organizers... ;-)

We are happy to announce that Daniel Kröger joined the Team of Organizers. 

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A big Thank you

Dear attendees and dear sponsors,

we would like to say


Thank you very much! You are the best!


We hope you enjoyed the Unconference as much as we did. You made the Unconference a special event for all of us. More than 110 people attended 26 talks, workshops, and discussions.

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Winner Photo (Photo Safari 2015)

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The PHP Unconference Europe is organized by BOOT - Best of Open Technologies e.V. Want to sponsor the PHP Unconference Europe? Contact us!