PHP Unconference Europe 2014

What:  Introducing PHPucEU (PHP Unconference Europe)

Where: Hotel Catalonia Majórica, Palma de Mallorca, Island of Majorca, Spain

When: May 17. / 18, 2014

Tickets: 42,00 EUR (Link to Tickets)

Wifi: TBA


PHP Days

  • May 16, 2014
  • Secure Web Development by Arne Blankerts,
  • Riskfree Framework Usage by Stefan Priebsch,
  • Tickets: 600,00 (sale) including PHPucEU admission

Location & travel

The PHP Unconference Europe 2014 is taking place at the Catalonia Majorica (4*) in Palma de Mallorca:

Catalonia Majorica
Carre Garita 3
07015 Palma de Majorca

These airlines approach Palma de Mallorca Airport:

Social Media



Document your sessions with blog posts + tweets. Use the official hashtag #phpuceu to pronounce your documentation!

Participants & Organizers

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Team of Organizers

PHP Unconference Europe 2014 is organized by: