One step nearer to the unconference

Last night, the organizers of PHP Unconference Europe met up via Skype to talk about the next steps. New todo lists were distributed and the current status was discussed.

We are no longer sure whether Majorca is the correct location for the unconference. Are there any PHP usergroups on the island, which would be willing to assist us?


It is of utmost importance that the location upon which we finally decide is easy and cheap to reach. Moreover, there should be an active PHP user group. Hence, we have decided to ask the community for their opinion. In our short list are the following locations:

  • Barcelona
  • Manchester
  • Budapest
  • Majorca

In the next two weeks, we are each going to investigate one of these locations for suitability. We would very much like to hear from you. What is your opinion? Which location do you think would suit PHP Unconference Europe?


Furthermore, in the same time frame, we are going to start discussions with potential sponsors. If you would be interested in supporting or sponsoring PHP Unconference Europe, please get in contact with us. We would be delighted to hear from you!


The organizers of the PHP Unconference Europe have decided to meet up every four weeks. Let's see what happens! We will report on progress here in the blog.


(Judith Andresen)