PHP Unconference Europe 2016

PHP Unconference Europe
(see also: Introducing PHP Unconference Europe)
WHERE Center Majorica at Hotel Catalonia Majórica, Palma de Majorca
WHEN May 28th - 29th 2016
TICKETS Basic | Supporter
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WIFI We will offer stable and fast WIFI
TIMETABLE Saturday | Sunday


The PHP Unconference Europe 2016 is taking place at the conference center of the hotel Catalonia Majorica (4*) in Palma de Majorca:

Catalonia Majorica
Carrer Garita 3
07015 Palma de Majorca


There are several hotels around the conference center:

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Participants & Organizers

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Team of Organizers

PHP Unconference Europe 2016 is organized by:


Topics voted for sunday

Topics voted for saturday

Parties and Unconference timetable

Dear participants,


we are very much looking forward to seeing you all on Marjoca this weekend! It's going to be two (and a half) awesome days filled with topics that really matter to you.


It's not just the sessions we are looking forward to, but every minute we can spend with you. There will be a pre-party on Friday and an after show party on Saturday, thanks to our sponsor trivago.


In case you are not sure what you have to expect:


Unfortunately we don't have a sponsor for the preparty. So please make sure to have some money on you.




Friday at 7 pm


Passeig de Mallorca, 14A

07012 Palma

Illes Balears, Spanien


Public transport from bus stop

starting at the hotel: 64-Joan Miró 144, Spanien

exiting 54-Jaume III 22

then go a few steps back and turn right



The PHPucEU starts on


Saturday at 9:30 am

Sunday 10:00 am


Hotel Catalonia Majorica

Carrer Garita 3

07015 Palma de Majorca



The detailed timetable can be found on our homepage:


The After-party on saturday is hosted by trivago


Party starts at 6:00 pm

Avenida Joan Miró, 147 . 07015. Palma


We'll have a beer or two, get some pizza and we'll have the possibility to watch the champion league final starting at 9:00 pm


All this is only possible thanks to our awesome sponsors: trivago, shopware, Aspera and Syseleven

And a big thank you to Zend for providing us with a couple of elePHPants



If you're worried about food supply:

During the event itself (Saturday morning until afternoon and Sunday morning until afternoon) breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks are provided and included in your ticket.


Looking forward to see you and safe travels!


We Want you!

Hi Folks,


It has been quite a long time since the last PHP Unconference last year. We hope you all have had a good christmas and a good start to the new year!


We would like to remind you that the PHP Unconference 2016 takes place on the 28th and 29th May on the island of Mallorca and we would be happy to see you there. So if you like meeting other PHP folks exchange about hot topics you decide follow the link and joins us! 

Team of organizers... ;-)

We are happy to announce that Daniel Kröger joined the Team of Organizers. 

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