PHP Unconference Europe 2014

What:  Introducing PHPucEU (PHP Unconference Europe)

Where: Hotel Catalonia Majórica, Palma de Mallorca, Island of Majorca, Spain

When: May 17. / 18, 2014

Tickets: 42,00 EUR (Link to Tickets)

Wifi: TBA


PHP Days

  • May 16, 2014
  • Secure Web Development by Arne Blankerts,
  • Riskfree Framework Usage by Stefan Priebsch,
  • Tickets: 600,00 (sale) including PHPucEU admission

Location & travel

The PHP Unconference Europe 2014 is taking place at the Catalonia Majorica (4*) in Palma de Mallorca:

Catalonia Majorica
Carre Garita 3
07015 Palma de Majorca

These airlines approach Palma de Mallorca Airport:

Social Media



Document your sessions with blog posts + tweets. Use the official hashtag #phpuceu to pronounce your documentation!

Participants & Organizers

Organizers: Team

Participants: list

Sponsors, supporters & promotion

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Thanks to our supporters and sponsors!

Team of Organizers

PHP Unconference Europe 2014 is organized by:


Recap of PHPucEU 2014

Dear attendees,

we would like to thank you. You were really really awesome attendees and you made this event a successful story. We planned this event over a year ago and we are happy about how it took place.

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Welcome Julia!

Julia Schmidt joined the team of organizers. Julia attended the PHP Unconference 2014 as a participant (read here about her experiences as a participant - in german)... and decided afterwards to add her organizational skills to our team.

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So long, goodbye + see you next year!

90 PHP enthusiasts on the island of Majorca - nice conference rooms, sun & good meals. And phantastic sessions - we enjoyed the #PHPucEU 2014. We hope to see you again in 2015!

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The ElePHPant went back from the Photo Safari!

The ElePHPant enjoyed the sun on the island of Majorca!
The ElePHPant enjoyed the sun on the island of Majorca!
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Sessions #PHPucEU 2014



Timetable PHPucEU 2014

It's an unconference. Be prepared!

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Two topics on the PHP Day: Secure Web Development & Riskfree Framework Usage is offering two one-day training courses right before the PHP Unconference Europe 2014. The PHP Day in Palma de Majorca will be held by Arne Blankerts and Stefan Priebsch.


On Friday, May 16th, they will give training courses about secure web development and riskfree framework usage.


The price for these training courses include admission to the PHP Unconference Europe.

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See you on the island of Majorca in May 2014!

Palma de Majorca
Palma de Majorca
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Looking for sponsors for 2014

The team of organizers is planning the third PHP Unconference Europe. This event will take place on the island of Majorca - probably in May 2014.


Would you like to sponsor this event? You find the sponsor information attached to this blog posting.


Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

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