PHP Unconference Europe 2013

We are looking forward to PHP Unconference Europe 2013.

Hope to see you there ;-)

What:  Introducing PHPucEU (PHP Unconference Europe)

Where: Free University of Berlin (Institute of Computer Science), Germany

When: 4th and 5th May 2013

Tickets: EUR 42.00, GBP 36.00

Wifi: conference | 23nvscnc

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PHP Days

What: PHP Days

Where: Regus Berlin, Kurfürstendamm 21, Berlin

When: 6th and 7th May 2013


Tickets (including PHPucEU): EUR 600.00 / GBP 515.00

Team of Organizers

PHP Unconference Europe 2013 is organized by:


Impressions PHPucEU 2013

Timetable for PHPucEU 2013

The mission of PHP Unconference Europe is to bring together an international group, who have detailed knowledge of PHP and related web technologies.


Being an unconference, the exact content is decided upon by the attendees of the event. Add you contributions in our contribs system.


We are going to start the PHPucEU 2013 on Saturday at 9.30 with a breakfast.

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Add your ideas & suggestions to our contribs system!

We opened our contribs system for the PHP Unconference 2013. Add your ideas & suggestions to our system. 


We are going to vote the topics at the beginning of the unconference. Never the less it's easer if all have an idea which topics might be interesting for the attendees of the PHPucEU. 


So, let's go:

Thanks to InnoGames!

InnoGames supports the PHPucEU in 2013 as a Bronze sponsor! Thanks a lot ;-)

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PHP Days in Berlin is offering a two-day training course on developing and testing professional PHP code right after PHP Unconference Europe. PHP Days in Berlin will be held by Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts and Stefan Priebsch.


The price for this training course includes admission to the PHP Unconference Europe. PHP Unconference Europe is the perfect preparation for attendees to get the most out of PHP Days in Berlin.

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