PHP Unconference Europe in 5 Steps

PHPucHH 2009 / Geomatikum
PHPucHH 2009: Waiting for the opening session

The are five main parts to PHP Unconference Europe.


The focus of all parts lies in the strong participation of the unconference attendees.


You create your own unconferece. You decide upon the topics and main focus of the event and you archive the results.


The following list explains the procedure in detail:

  1. Before the unconference starts, you can register your interests and session suggestions. This step allows you to prepare topics and sessions.
  2. Topics are finalized and chosen on the first day:
    1. The session suggestions are printed and stuck to a nearby wall.
    2. Additional posters with session suggestions may be hand written and hung up.
    3. Presenters can explain their session in a few words.
    4. After the voting process, a speaker is chosen for the topics, for which there is no speaker.
  3. Results are archived in two ways:
    1. Attendees are requested to summarize the session in the unconference wiki.
    2. At the end of the first unconference day, the presenters get the chance to briefly summarize their session in front of all attendees.
  4. At the beginning of the second unconference day, the sessions, which have not yet been held are again examined and expanded when necessary.
  5. The procedure of the first day is repeated: The results are posted into the wiki and summarized in front of all attendees.