Conditions PHPucEU 2016

For all tickets

Due to organizational constrains, it is not possible to refund the price of the entry ticket.

The organizers do not guarantee more than a venue for the event: Food, drinks, WiFi and T-Shirts will be provided, if sufficient income from sponsors is provided.


If you have purchased a ticket to PHP Unconference Europe, but are not able to attend, please let us know. We will then allow one more participant to purchase an entry ticket.


PHP Unconference Europe is organized by Boot - Best of Open Technologies e.V. (=volunteers) and is not commercial. The goal of the unconference is the exchange of information about PHP and related topics, not to make a profit.

Supporter Tickets

Please support our work with a supporter ticket. All supporters are listed on our "thanks to"-page. 

PHP Partner Happiness Program

In the last years we learnt, more or less the PHP Unconference Europe is a family unconference. With our PHP Partner Happiness Program it's even easier for partners and/or families to join the Unconference.

We are going to offer a partner programm and a family program.