Recap of PHPucEU 2014

Dear attendees,

we would like to thank you. You were really really awesome attendees and you made this event a successful story. We planned this event over a year ago and we are happy about how it took place.

We got some of your feedback and we will keep it in mind to make next year’s PHPucEU even better. BUT we need more feedback! Please send every thought about this years Unconference to We would really appreciate your help. Don’t be shy!


We will share from time to time some news and we would like to keep you updated.

Some of this year’s facts:

  • almost 100 people went to Majorca, there was only one missing ticket
  • in two days
    • we had 17 talks and got
    • 60 mentions on twitter.

We guess, next year we will break these numbers.


We are looking forward to see you next year at the PHPucEU 2015. Tickets are on sale 


Some blogposts to mention about the PHPucEU 2014:

If you have any questions feel free to contact the team of organizers: Contact 


A big thank you to our sponsors: Innogames,, 100days, MySQL / Oracle & SysEleven, Trivago, marmalade


See you next year in 2015 on the island of Majorca!


Fabian, Judith, Julia & Karl