LiveDocx supports PHP Unconference Europe

LiveDocx is a document generation platform that allows well formatted documents to be created, by combining structured data from PHP with a template, created in a word processor. LiveDocx is delighted to support PHP Unconference Europe.

This year, the contribution and interests web application is powered by LiveDocx. Using this application, unconference participants can register a session that they would like to host, or register an interest in a specific topic. Another unconference participant can then register a session, based upon the original person's interest.


On each morning of the unconference, participants are requested to vote on the registered sessions. The sessions with the most votes may then be held. This is highly democratic process and the key to an unconference: Participants decide upon what is discussed and which sessions are held.


The actual voting process takes place by sticking stickers onto the vote posters. The LiveDocx powered web application generates these posters, which can be downloaded immediately after registering a contribution or interest. Furthermore, the organizers of the event can use the web application to generate all vote posters into one PDF file, which can then be printed out and distributed at the unconference.


The web application will go online about two months before the unconference, so that you have plenty of time to register your contributions and interests.


(Judith Andresen, Jonathan Maron)