PHP Days in Manchester

The PHP Consulting Company ( is offering a two-day training course on developing and testing professional PHP code right after PHP Unconference Europe. PHP Days in Manchester will be held by Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts and Stefan Priebsch.


The price for this training course includes admission to PHP Unconference Europe. PHP Unconference Europe is the perfect preparation for attendees to get the most out of PHP Days in Manchester.

Training details

Duration: 2 days (Feb, 21/22)
Cost: 600 EUR / 525 GBP (Tickets on sale)

Minimum: 5 persons attending
Maximum capacity: 15 persons
Requirements: A laptop with a text editor, PHP and a Web server installed.

How to become a a better, more professional PHP developer

How much effort is required to adapt your code to your customers' change requests? Is it easy, or is it cumbersome and tedious? And what about your code's complexity and readability? Is everything crystal clear, or are there parts of the code base that nobody dares to touch anymore? How often do you need to fix bugs after a release? And, by the way, how easy is it to roll a new release anyway?

If any of these questions made you blush with embarrassment, it's high time that you attend PHP Days in Manchester! Join the three trainers and learn how to turn bad code into good code and become better, more professional PHP developers.


No question goes unanswered when the trainers pull up an editor and explain best practices as they code a sample application live. They touch upon all aspects of the application lifecycle of PHP-based projects, and discuss methods and tools that every PHP developer should use.

PHP Days in Manchester is a one-of-a-kind classroom training experience where all three trainers will be present at all times.

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