Contribution & Interests System is now live

You decide on the programme! At PHPucEU, you state the topics in which you are interested and we all look for speakers and moderators.


The idea is simple: You submit a topic, about which you would like to hold a session (a so called "contribution"). Or you submit an interest, about which someone else may be willing to hold a session (a so called "interest").


One of the first things we do at PHPucEU is to vote on which sessions we want to have held.


To give you some idea about the current topics at PHPucEU, please take a look at the Contribution & Interests System.


Please submit your contributions (left hand side) or express your interests (right hand side).


Each contribution and interest will be printed on to a "vote poster" and be voted upon at PHPucEU. At the event, contributions and interests can be changed, merged and added.


It is your unconference and you decide upon the programme!



PHPucEU Organizer