Get involved at PHP Unconference Europe

PHP Unconference Europe is a community event. Its main purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information about PHP and related web technologies among attendees. The sessions are a starting point, but the most interesting exchanges take place in the breaks between the sessions. This year, the venue has been specifically chosen to encourage this inter-attendee exchange.


Being entirely community-powered, we need your help on the day to assist us run the unconference. Here is how you can help the organizers:


Registration Desk Agent


We need 2 volunteers to assist on Saturday and Sunday morning to man the registration desk. This job involves taking and checking the attendee's entry ticket and handing out the pre-printed attendee badge and lanyard. You would be working together with one of the organizers, who will show you the ropes. Maximum involvement is about 4 hours, split across the two days.


Session Timekeeper


We need 2 volunteers to ensure that the sessions do not overrun. This job involves standing up at the end of a session and ensuring that the presenters stop talking. You may use all reasonable and legal means to achieve this! These 2 volunteers need to ensure that they are never in the same session.


Want to get involved? Contact us!


If you would be willing to volunteer some of your time, for a very good cause, please contact us.


Thank you in advance!