A big Thank you

Dear attendees and dear sponsors,

we would like to say


Thank you very much! You are the best!


We hope you enjoyed the Unconference as much as we did. You made the Unconference a special event for all of us. More than 110 people attended 26 talks, workshops, and discussions.

Even the lunch breaks were used to share knowledge with the community on the roof top of the conference center. We had two great days together in the sun - with nice majorician food. 

Without our sponsors there would be no PHP Unconference. There would no food, no internet, no drinks, no social events, no shirts and of course no rooms.


So thank you all for making this great event possible:





100 DAYS




Oracle MySQL




We hope to see you all next year! Planning of 2016 has begun ... we do our retrospective on Thursday. Please read the blog or use the newsletter list to stay informed. 


All the best from


Judith, Julia, Fabian and Karl