PHPucEU 2015 - Review

Dear attendees,


time passed by since the PHPucEU 2015 took place. We hope you all enjoyed the event and the island of Marjoca. We would like to use this email to mention a few things.


The first thing we want to say is: thank you for joining us - you made this unconference with a lot of inspiring and interesting sessions happen.

We would like to thank you for talking mostly in English -- and for all the proposals and ideas you contributed. We grew again (about 110 attendees) and the percentage of german attendees shrank. We would love to grow by becoming even more international! We were very impressed by all the different topics and the high quality of the sessions.

And (if you haven't done it yet) you read the blog posts about the days on Majorca:

- (German) Daniel Kröger

- (English) Tobias Zander

And a list of blogposts, which were shared on Twitter and are not about the unconf, but about the topics:

- (German) Doris Schuppe

- (English) Split Brains

- (English) Harvard Business Review

- (English)

- (English) Alexander M. Turek 

- (English) Derick Rethans

- (English)

- (English)

- (no clue atm down)

We had a lot of fun and "positive stress" - and that's why we will do it again and we hope you will also join the next Unconference in 2016. We don't have it settled yet, but our dream date for next year is 28. and 29.05.2016, so save the date.

The next Unconference will also be an event shaped by you - for you. So we collected your feedback to know how we can do better. We read every single response and take account of the many suggestions you made there. So here is our list what we plan for next year:

- You seem to be happy with Majorca and especially the location, so we'll stay there for another year.

- We'll extend the PartnerHappinessProgram. Next year we will have a registration for the PHP.

- You want a microphone in the big room? You get one!

- About the food:

  - we want to have label next to the food, so you know what is vegan, vegetarian, fish and with milk

  - We want to have more variety on the food for the two days

  - One of the coffee breaks will be for breakfast

- The air condition in the lobby should be fixed by next year

- And we are giving our best to have some chairs and sun protection on the roof, but unfortunately we have to settle some things before.

- Badges will be even better next year!

- We'll stay with the Ginbo for friday and have a nice location for saturday

- We are going to present our sponsors better. We really appreciate

  their support for us, and it's part of the deal that you do the same.

 We'll find a way which fits for all of us ;-)

We have one point, we haven't decided yet: Are you interested, that we add all the talks to Please send us an email if you think it is important.

In addition, if you have more ideas or comments for the PHPucEU - you can mail us, tweet us, call us, skype us, text us, talk to us if you find us - we are sure you are going to find a way … 

A final thanks goes to our sponsors InnoGames, shopware, thePHPcc, 100DAYS, eventim, marmalade, NFQ, ORACLE MySQL, SysEleven. This Unconference would not have been possible without their great support.

Nothing more to say than 'Bye-bye'

Daniel, Fabian, Judith, Julia & Karl